Straight Male Escort Jobs Are On The Rise!

Many single guys want to be an independent male escort & get a piece of the action. With little to no guidance most men don’t know what to do.....


Therefore we put together the resources that allow any male looking to become a male escort an easy and simple outline of how to promote themselves.


We also offer men the ability to find straight male escorting jobs by creating a profile and listing their services.


We take it a step further & also offer great tips and information along the way to propel you to the next level with our monthly emails.

Male Escort Tips

  1. Foundation
    The number one key to being a successful male escort is through promotion. The only way people could potentially hire you is if they see you or know about you. The Internet is great for promotion of your services. FYI, We have over 25,000 people a month looking for escorts & we have agencies that look at our database to fill requirements they have from clients.
  2. Male Escort Pricing

    It’s always best if you collect a deposit up front, typically a 30% deposit if you are going local or up to 100% payment if you are traveling outside your local area. This just shows the client that you are blocking out the time because they paid you something and you need to show up in order to get paid the remaining money that is due. If for some reason the client cancels last minute the deposit should be non refundable because you can't book another client since you already blocked out your time for them. Always get the remaining payment upon arrival so you avoid "prostitution" as you are only being paid for your time NOT a service that could have taken place when did spend time together.

    P.S. Most high class male escorts charge anywhere between $150/hr -$300/hr depending on how many hours the client commits to. Most other escorts that aren't as professional will charge anywhere from $50/hr- $100/hr.

  3. Online
    Make sure you have a professional online profile about yourself and a biography on yourself as well. Mention what you can offer and how you are different. Also remember the more quality pictures the better. We recommend reframing from words that you shouldn’t use like “sex” or “erotic massage” because it makes some people feel uncomfortable. Use words like “intimate” or “sensual” in your profile write up in order to get male escort jobs.
  4. In Person
    Every person has different taste so it’s important for you to portray who you are so you attract women that are genially interested in you. Male escorting jobs wouldn’t be any fun if you had to be someone you're not.The more pictures you show the better however make sure they are as professional as possible. A good example of a picture that you wouldn't want to upload would be a pciture of you taking a picture of yourself.
  5. The Package

    Having the whole package as an independent male escort means that you have what it takes to make the potential client satisfied. Having the ability to see things from your client’s perspective is key! This allows you to know exactly what’s important to them. Also, making sure you act in the following ways will always get you off to a good start!

    Show up sober  •  Be adaptable  •  Be respectful  •  Be on time  •  Exceed expectations and show up with a gift (planting the seed)